50 off finds and more h&m

i had been excited and waiting all week for monday - 50% off at value. although when i got there, i quickly became very irritated with all the old ladies filling up every isle. i have monday afternoons off so i went around noon and thankfully there were no students there... this made it a bit better.

i found a couple things, but i've definitely had better trips. i guess the best part was paying only $13 for everything.

i've added some h&m buys from this week as well. i cant keep away from the shoes...

* white long button down (h&m), blackish snakeskin patent bag (value), long sleeved lace top (value), thin cotton long top (value), lace up heels (h&m), silver chains necklace (h&m), black trousers (value).

i'm a little undecided about the trousers, i think i would prefer a low waist to tuck a shirt into loosely, i might have to look for some better ones next time.

when taking everything out of the closet for photos, i noticed this blazer i found at the VGH thrift in vancouver. i love it but i've still never worn it. maybe i'll try to put incorporate it for something this weekend. i wish it were warmer outside and i could wear it as a jacket!

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