break planning

finally, this week and my workload is finished and i have don't have to worry about anything until march. unfortunately i have a tendency to become highly stressed pretty easily so it hasn't been the greatest couple of days...

but now i can plan what i want to do over the next week!

1. TAKE PHOTOS especially bright theme.
2. use the disposable i just got.
3. go back to omer deserres and get chains to make some new jewelry. also look in fabric stores to make headbands like our new years ones (credit to you dv!).
4. scout for birthday presents.
5. wear leather skirt at some point.
6. i guess work on book project... but only after 1-5 have been completed.

(how many can i use from grunge? need. new. photos.)


dv said...

im looking for fabrics for knotted ones too!! i want to do hermes scarf style one, and black satin.

gb said...

yessss that would be so good. like house-wife re-invented.