january's last weekend

on friday our pre-drink didn't end until about 2 so we went to bifteck instead of coda. and since realizing that schwartz's stays open late randomly, we headed there after. unfortunately it had just closed so we had to settle for the main where we had master bitch for waitress. never again. highlights included my broken heel needing krazy glue, midget vs. dwarf debate and witness of guido group stabbing on st laurent!

a party was planned for saturday at an apartment complex in some random area of montreal. i had been there before on halloween when every apartment opened their doors and replaced their bulbs with red lights. this time it was just one apartment and plain old white lights so i was slightly dissapointed. k came to drink at mine for the first time! i need to start having people over more often... highlights included revival of all popular 50cent songs + freakum dress (boyfriend says hes embarrassed to see our neighbours now), strange mexican who was best model and losing my cell phone! (it is now safe after a 30 min metro and $40 cab ride to the house of an old couple who found it in a cab).

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dv said...

wish i was there