i love it!


i picked this up a couple weeks ago for some photo inspiration. not only do i really like almost all of the editorial shots, but i was also really inspired by the content layouts. it's all so clean and really well organized. the photo arrangements, small text and creative use of white space gives the magazine a really original look and makes it feel more like a book. good thing, since it took a pretty big chunk out of the magazine budget.


i also found some more good photographers who did the editorials. aaand now need to get the new spring issue as soon as possible.


Antonia said...

i really hope it is above zero when i get there!
where should i go to shop first?!

gb said...

it will at least be sunny!

st catherines is all typical stores h&m, zara, urban ect. st denis is a little more interesting and mont-royal just off st denis is pretty good!

Daphne said...

this magazine have an amazing desing, i think.
and beautiful pictures.
i invite you to come to visit my blog
i hope you loike it!