diy weekend

there were two projects this weekend. the first with j, feather headbands inspired by mary-kate's peacock one and my shitty arts&crafts native creation the night before (i saved it anyways and plan on doing it up one night.. k are you with me?).


the second was a pair of studded bracelets which were originally meant to be a headband. but the damn studs were sold for scrap booking and cost like .25 each (i haven't been able to find anything else). i was not down for a $30 headband. i needed a lot less for bracelets and i think they look better then a headband would have anyways.


(my birthday was also very nice, i cant wait for the pictures from disposable!)


dv said...

always beat me to it. no post stud bag

gb said...

where did you find studs!?

die t├Ągliche revolution said...

wow, that bracelet is awesome!! nice! :D


dv said...

dress sew, but now i'll look like copy so i can't post.

Anonymous said...

everyone's doing stud diy. everyone copies. who cares? it should be about the originality of your copy.

dv said...