crazy eyes

apparently its pretty hard to look good for photos when wearing a mask on your face. the best involved them on top.

like this...


k isn't actually this crazy looking.

need to do some non-white-backgrounds soon.


Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

a m a z i n g
love the m a k e- u p a n d t h e c o l o u r
o f t h e m a s k a n d
h e r e y e s s s s s-
j u s t
t o p i t o f f!!!


Cris Lazoru said...

kiss ass lip


NADINE said...

this pic is amazing! when i saw it i was just like woow! those colors!:O sooo inspiring! it has something dark, but yet something festive! great great great! xxx

divine bunny said...


Anonymous said...

Well to be honest you look amazing!
I love the color of your lipstick :)


gb said...

thank you thank you. this is my friend though, its nice having beautiful people to take pictures of!

susie miller said...

love it. the eyes are super cool.

ps i love the white backrounds!

♥ fashion chalet said...

wow I really love the makeup!!! :]