hot pink

i am so excited for summer tans, dewy completions and bright pink lips. the sun is shining but the weather is not nearly warm enough for what i want to be wearing. i can't get crisp white denim out of my head either. and light floral blouses.

oh! and outdoor photo shoots!



Carolina Botelho said...

I lovee pink lips! looks good on summer and winter! I defenetly have to buy a new pink lipstick ! :D xx

Camille lala Wong K∆ said...

same, i wait the sun for wear this kind of color on my lips associate with brown skin and dance on the beach !

Jessica said...

Oh my !!
I think i'm in love !
What brand / shade is this ?

Looove the color !

Olive the Brave said...

i agree =]

Nikita said...

Love the lips and your dreams of white denim.
I'm haunted too.

We'll find some, haha

x Nikita

mademoiselleb said...

Wonderful !

Belle said...


Ling said...

Agreed. What color lipstick do you think that is? Do you have one like it? What brand?

-Baby Blue

ray said...

amazing! i usually try to use my own photos - gut for awhile this was my profile pic

i just love that color!!