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heres some pages from my last project for the book class i took this term. it was based on an essay we wrote for design history about an artifact that we owned. i chose my michael kors sunglasses. we were then meant support and extend the text through a full book. my concept was to make the book look kind of like a high-end magazine using big images (used some of the sunglasses/gum pictures), small type and lots of white space. there were five sections that dealt with different aspects of the sunglasses like consumer culture and sun protection etc. i printed on thicker cardstock paper, sewed the binding and attached a hardcover. i'm really happy with how it turned out. j on the cover is perfect.



stephanie said...

g r e a t job!!
aa would totally sell this!


Anonymous said...

That looks really good! I'd buy it :)

Anonymous said...

it looks amazing. well done and obviousllyy you have an eye for chic aesthetics in design. cool cool cool.

are you interested in print journalism? i always thought it'd be cool to have a grassroots magazine. thats the kind of stuff that seems to do well these days.

gb said...

i'm definitely interested in layout design and photography. i'm not great at coming up with content ideas myself, so i'd want to eventually end up working with.. or for people who had good content in text or photos. it's so much easier to make something look nice when the photos are good.

this project was difficult mostly in the construction phase. that's what's hard about independent products. i would love to design something that could be printed industrially, or at least partly.

but yes, i think diy is totally more popular then it used to be.

Tereza Š. said...

it sound like a very cool project! :)...great work :)

susie miller said...

this is really great, i love the layout, its simple yet unexpected and quirky.

Jessica said...

holly smokes !
This turned out amazing !
How did you bind it ?

bridget said...

oh mhy god, this is AMAZING. im so beyond impressed! cheers to a future in publications!



Francheska said...

wow! so impressive
i cant believe you did this!
publish maybe????

Nikita said...

This came out excellent, very professional looking & super chic!

x Nikita

Club President said...

just saw this! great job.